With our top-quality Embroidery Digitizing we have rooted our feet in the image digitizing industry. We are equipped will well-trained and highly qualified Embroidery Digitizers. We are working tirelessly to make our customers happy with our embroidery digitizing services. We use advanced techniques to make your embroidery designs eye catching. With our top-notch services, we have earned the faith of hundreds and thousands of customers. We work hard to satisfy our customers and we try to meet their needs with our Embroidery digitizing services.

Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art Conversions Services Starts @ $10*

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Our embroidery digitizing and vector conversion  services are the best. Our prices are pocket friendly. We charge $1/1000 stitches and minimum charge depends on a package your choose. Vector art conversion starts from $5 only.

Our turnaround is no more than 12 hours.

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Reasons to Outsource Your Embroidery Digitizing

A well managed outsourced firm has got the resources to do Embroidery Digitizing projects immediately. By handling the same digitizing initially you must involve by purchasing good Embroidery Digitizing software that will cost you many bucks. Then you will be having several weeks or months to hire the best Digitizer and you must train him as per your requirements and you need to support they need time to time.

Savings, cost-cutting is a considerable reason to outsource your embroidery digitizing services. Outsourcing adjusts fixed costs into variables and releases investments in business marketing and advertising. You could manage to buy a new embroidery machines for your productions. Outsourcing makes compensation to avoid large expenditures at the time of startup of your embroidery business.

Every embroidery shop carries a specific amount of risk. You can have a look for the Market competitors, government regulations, financial circumstances, and updating trends for all transformation very quickly. Outsourcing embroidery digitizing work could manage risk free environment for embroidery shops.

Why wait any longer? Must utilize our embroidery digitizing services by hiring us from today! Do you a look on our excellent track record. We are offering best embroidery digitization services at low price, consistently; you can wonder your clients by outsourcing your designs to us.

Do you know that you can save a lot of money and time as well by outsourcing your embroidery designs? Comparatively, hiring a full-time digitizer in-house for your embroidery digitization seems like a burden. Our high quality digitization delivers top-notch crispy results on the edges with quickest turnaround time. Even outsourcing can helps you to save noticeably amount on your weekly payroll.

Quality Digitizing and Vector Conversion Services

We are offering Embroidery Digitizing Service at $1/1000 stitches with no minimum charges depends on a package you want. Prices for Raster to Vector Artwork Conversion services start at $5 for simple artworks. For Complex designs we will charge according to the complexity of your artwork. We are also capable to vectorize advance design you can ask for a quote first.

Embroidery Digitizing EL Sandwitch

Embroidery Digitization

We convert your logos, graphic, pictures to digitizing for embroidery machines, our services are related to embroidery shops, garment manufacturers, marketing agencies other and embroiderers. Our turnaround time is extremely quick.

Football Club Vector Conversion high quality

Vectorization of Artwork

Our vectorization services are incomparable to any other  raster to vector art services. We have a good number of  customer at the most reasonable prices. We never trace any artwork to vectorization. We draw each detail properly for high quality prints.

Digitization: Embroidery Digitizing Top Quality

We are based in Connecticut US, we have team to over 50 professional digitizers we are offering the top quality embroidery digitizing and vector art conversion since 2005, we have plenty of satisfied customers here in US and worldwide, we are offering very affordable price plan for digitizing as low as $1 per 1000 stitches which means alot of logos can be digitize in $10 budget. Any left Chest and hat logos can also be done in $10. Vectorization prices also start at $6 for simple vector conversion and we charge little bit more as per complexity of artwork and we assure you that our prices are lowest in the market. We never compromise on quality we digitize every design perfectly especially we are specialist on smaller letters. We are offering free edits until your production get a beautiful finished products.

Our turnaround time is than 24 hours for regular jobs, and if you are looking for a rush job so dont worry about that we are offering 4 to 8 hours turnaround time for all rush order, for complex jobs it may take some extra time to deliver your files but we can  assure you that we can do your digitizing and vector art job very quickly.

Check out our pricing guide here for Digitizing, Vector Art Conversions and Get Started With us today.

We assure top-notch quality for every customer. We take care about every detail in the artwork when we digitize for you. Our high quality digitizing has every minimal detailing; converting the most complex artwork with ultimate attention on details, with affordable rates and timely deliveries of digitizing files are our trademark, and that’s the customer love to talk about. New trends are constantly updating the art digitization. Embroidery software run by our skilled digitizing experts are Wilcom and Pulse. We grow our client tale onwards in the market but providing the best online embroidery digitization service up to the mark. When a customer wants embroidered uniforms with left chest logo or a full back sponsored logos, we are always here to digitize the best expected results for your apparel. We can even digitalize images for embroidery. With our dedicated digitizers team all digitization show the perfections on embroidery machines. Best embroidery digitizing jobs must play a positive role to maintain good clients for a long time period.

Not every customer  want cheaper price because we all knows the formulae of getting cheaper price won’t give you the best quality of digitizing work you must have to pay a at least competitive market value of you embroidery digitizing requirement. We can help to be a good business partner by speed up your productivity by offering the quickest turnaround time of less than 24 hours, while a most jobs can be finished smoothly within 8 to 12 hours with the perfection and get an eye on detailing of the individual clients images. Cheap Embroidery Digitizing cannot catch the maximum details of every design.

Karen’s Digitizing do absolutely amazing embroidery digitizing of your designs. Just say good bye to a existing business partner that is offering cheap embroidery digitizing with low quality digitizing. Best Embroidery Digitizing can maximize your business that is what our customers, business partners have to say!

Digitize a font is always typical to handle. It needs years of expertise to digitize fonts. Every font has a special effect; you can’t imagine the complexity of font digitisation. Need best font digitization so definitely Karen’s Digitizing is a best choice. We get an eye on each detail of font measurements curves and detailing. Our expert digitizing team punches every angle of font and you got the best embroidery product.

In the Embroidery Industry by process a digitizing pattern on a t-shirt, cap or any other apparel can make it fashionable and eye-catching. You should never let anyone do your digitizing other than quality embroidery digitizing pattern for you because a tiny mistake could be very valuable and it can cost you a lot. We are a top quality embroidery punching experts and we are accomplished for giving you high quality digitizing files for your digitizing patterns.

You are looking for cap digitizing? You have reached tremendous place. We have solutions of error free cap digitizing files we have a vast expertise in cap digitizing in a time frame of many years. Our experienced cap digitizing team knows about every aspects in how to digitize for snapback caps, visor, beanies as we have delivered thousands of number of cap digitizing files to the market. If you want to get your design in one time with perfect accuracy then absolutely we are here to get in touch with you.

Improperly digitized file can be a mess on the production floor and our professional beanies digitizing team give us the confidence for such a task. Digitizing on a Beanie is only feasible by skilled digitizer because following the flexible fabric densities, due to slippery woven threads beanie can be slippery into the embroidery frame, but don’t worry we are enough experience to handle every stuff. Our beanies digitizing includes all necessary details and stitching properties that gives you best finished product.

Get quality work without waiting for a long, we can deliver in 6 – 8 hours only. We have our own machine in-house as well so we can test the beanie digitizing file by us before sending to our customers on same fabric. Real sew out really matters for perfectly digitized files.

With Karen’s Digitizing our badge digitizing services are most likely affordable and your digitized files to be delivered in your portal or registered email within the quickest possible time. Our Quality assurance team won’t send any badge digitizing file that can be treated as lower than our rated digitizing quality because we do not compromise on stitch count we mean to be top quality badge digitizing. We are professionals; hence we do not have any hidden charges we commit on the actual value and once we make a commitment, we do not compromise to it and give you our best badge digitizing service!

Our Applique digitizing dst files can give you the best embroidery experience, you can stitch top quality applique digitizing files which can use on embroidery machines no matter about machine model our files can run the designs perfectly. Adding Appliques to your embroidered garments must be best and rewarding top quality digitizing.  if you have a small order so don’t worry about it we handle all customers equally because everyone want a good job in the committed time frame., we perfectly fit in your budget. Place your orders with Karen’s Digitizing and stitch your beautiful applique embroidery.

Need Gloves digitization, we are experts digitizers for your digitization requirement; it is possible with high quality services that you must need to embroidery on your gloves and it gives your brand a new modern look. W can digitize your logo or design perfectly by our digitisation experts in suitable size especially for gloves. We deliver within the shortest possible time after ensuring our work is in total adherence to your given instructions

Looking for professional hat digitizing services online, need quick files for your embroidery productions? we are best choice for your digitizing files. We can surely beat your existing quality of your digitized files we can improve your existing digitized files at intimated pricing. We have a team of experts digitizers with expanded experience in the industry related background. Digitizing process for hats could be terrified and challenging but if you are using our digitizing services they dont have to worry about it. We handle it with care.

At Karen’s Digitizing, we have a confidence to win your appreciation with our jacket back digitising detailed files. A jacket back image has vast and extensive space available to show high quality digitizing skills, you need a jacket back digitizer? You can utilize our digitized files as risk free guaranteed. We understand all complexities of different kinds of jacket fabrics. We can save your time our jackets back digitizing files are ready to use for risk free production. We digitize each detail with accuracy; you can contact us for edit free work. Don’t forget to mention any special instructions and leave the rest to us.

Need a digitiser for left Breast Digitising on tees, leather jackets, hoodies, jerseys and t-shirts for your corporate logo or any specific artwork. We can convert it to dst file for hassle free productions. We offer top quality digitizing as per commitment. We are experts in best digitizing software and technology that is up mark. All files we delivered to you, are digitized with care at good price. You can place your orders to our website and mobile applications.

Our specialized team converts your image to digitized file, in shape of logos with small letters. Left chest position is best for embroidery digitizing on your staff jerseys. You are looking for left chest logo digitizer, just send us a quote we will digitize your logo in smart way. Embroidered logo on left chest is a great way of advertising and differentiating your brand. If you are an rising a brand like; hotels, restaurant, bakery, air crew, banking staff, coffee shop, pharmacy store, grosser stores chains you must assure each worker to gets a logo embroidered on their uniform.

Our digitizing services are very advance in the industry with a huge list of satisfied customers since 2005. Are you looking to digitize your corporate logo or you are looking for a graphic design we can surely help you out, We have specific digitizers for left Crest Digitizing. Our digitizers can make your left crest digitizing to next level and you can get the top quality production on your garments. Our priority is to provide best customer support, which is one of the many specialties of high quality Digitizing services. Need a digitizer for left crest digitizing you can use us.
Our team of 50+ in-house digitizers works on the latest environment to produce the high quality embroidery production.

This is not a best practice that you cannot get the perfect monogram without any revision made by any digitizing services company, but our custom embroidery digitising services are top of line now a day’s for revision free production. We believe in customer reviews, in 15 years of professional working we got best reviews, our complaint ratio in monogramming and small letters digitising is almost none.

Let’s connect with Karen’s Digitizing and get something brilliantly digitized today. In modern trends we got a new fashion trending in the industry that is embroidery on sleeves. We digitalize your logo for your sleeves. Your business logo gets one more place to sparkle through our high quality sleeve digitising. Embroidery machines can give you unlimited opportunities for embroidery placement and we are here to digitalize your brand logos to a better way. You can try out new ways to explore branding or style and we are always accepts the new challenges.

During 15 years of professional digitizing working we got best reviews, our complaint ratio in monogramming and small letters digitising is almost none, some time smaller letters are not sew out so good because of a fabric lasting. However, some time it need some adjustments for perfect sew out. We use the best digitizers for small letters digitizing, we digitize everything manually by hand. Need a best small letter digitizer or you’re looking for best embroidery digitizers for small letters. Because we never go for automated shortcuts, our digitized files are risk free for your embroidery production. You will love our digitizing quality too and you will definitely agree with us after giving us a trial artwork.

Our smart digitizers can perfectly digitize your artwork to beautiful embroidery; it could be a logo, graphic, vector art anything we can digitize to machine ready files. Looking for an expert digitizer for logo digitizing please try us for once. Our customers are loyal with us and proud to endorse our top quality logo digitizing services. Manually digitized embroidery files can produce high quality embroidery productions. Every image that we transform into logo digitizing that is best available in the digitizing industry and we mean it. We deliver the best quality digitizing. We will never send you any digitized file that not meets our standards of logo digitizing.

Place your order with us and let us give you something to be proud of. Indeed, possible requirements for hotels, bars, casinos, in short the hospitality industry are napkins. Napkins digitization is needed when a customer go to embroidery shop and ask for Napkins to be embroider with a logo. Maturing to the small size and monetize the quality of the fabric. Our excellent digitisers are ready to deliver high quality embroidery with our Napkins Digitalization. We are absolutely sure to say that we have experienced, expert, and skilled digitizers for Napkin Digitalization. We are capable to digitize the quality you need.

With a leading team of expert’s digitizers your patch becomes a masterpiece in seconds. Need best digitizing for your patches then don’t worry about the high prices to get your patches files digitized, you can become our super customer because our services we are honestly affordable. Patch digitisation is apparently the familiar form of embroidery requirements. Our best digitizers are producing a professional touch to your artworks since 2005. We have the fastest delivery time than any other digitizing services provider.

Need Pocket digitising services? We have expert digitisers having 15 years of broad experience in digitising industry; we can easily convert all sorts of logos for pockets embroidery. This is the latest trend we found in small, medium and giant businesses. All are using proper embroidered uniforms having a pocket embroidered logo. We are offering the fastest turnaround time even your have a complex designs at pocket friendly prices. Inquire with us today for awesome and professional digitising services.

At Karen’s Digitizing, qualified team of digitizers is available whenever you need digitizing services for towel embroidery digitalization. Are you looking to digitize a logo on Towel in a hurry? We can give a confidence for high best embroidery digitalization and that must be error free dst files. Our digitised files are ready to put up for production to meet your deadline. Towel brands, hotels and spas can get their logos digitised for the perfect branding opportunity. we make possible opportunities to grow your business.

Our digitisers can give you that excellent embroidery results that you are looking for your visor. Many digitisers belive that they are experts digitizers but have failed at visor digitizing due to elasticity of the fabric. Highly narrow space and it need be correctly positioned. That’s a big challenge for most of the digitizers and that can demolished whole embroidery production. But this is not the case with us. We have already given good time to learn digitizing for visor embroidery. Punching on visor is all set with us team and we have already digitized thousands of visor designs with success.

We are founders and leaders of the industry, we have a long history of successful stories and a lot of customers they are happy with us.
You are looking for a perfect 3D Puff Digitizing service you can find us here, we have good number of Digitizers Wilcom and Pulse experts in our team, each of them having expertise in puff digitising. When the pioneers have accomplished their task, the rest can follow.

We specialise in full back embroidery digitizing, by using your artworks, photos and vector files. We digitize almost every type of artworks and convert it to acceptable embroidery machine file formats. We digitize designs for almost every product including hoodies, leather jackets, jerseys, fashion jackets and many more.

Vectorization: Convert Images from Raster to Vector

At Karen’s Digitizing we do absolutely manual drawing with fully hand-drawn images to vector art conversion, we provide world-class but affordable vector art services in quick turnaround time.

Vector objects, such as lines and shapes, vector text or vector groups, are composed of geometric characteristic and can easily be edited.
Here’s an example of the visual differences between vector and raster bitmap art:
In the busy world of graphic design, images and files are edited, shared and outsourced to vendors on a daily basis. It would be ideal if everyone spoke the same design language, but that is not always the case. Not all files are created equal. Vector files can be created using graphic design software, such as CorelDRAW, and raster files are created and manipulated in other types of software programs.

It is layers composed of individual pixels which can be seen as squares of color when magnified, plus raster layers let you display exquisite changes in tones and colors.

Thankfully, the vectorization process is quick and easy with the built-in technology of the PowerTRACE™ engine. It provides the best tracing results and turns the most demanding bitmap images into high-quality vector objects.With a few simple steps, you will be able to convert an existing raster or bitmap file, such as a .JPG, .BMP or .PNG file, into a vector file.

Most images in their native state are raster images, or bitmap images. These images utilize rows and columns of pixels made of different colors to render the image. Bitmap images are quite common (.JPEG, .PNG, etc) and are fairly easy to understand.
Bitmap images, due to their expression via bitmap, are resolution-dependent. If you need to resize a bitmap image you will reduce the quality of the image. Resizing the image to be smaller forces you to get rid of pixels, and if you increase size the lines and curves become jagged and defined by a clear gradient.

At Karen’s Digitizing, we take responsibility of our vector art conversion work. We are devoted to give you our top quality vector conversions. Professionally converted vector art files will be provided to clients beyond everything else. Looking for vector images for free we will send you what we have in our record, we provide proper redraw on every raster file. We delivered vector images free of any additional charges in case of any needed edits we will always have a fix because we believe in customer satisfaction.

Vector images are path-based – they are composed of mathematical equations so the image itself is easily scalable. Because of this, vector images are considered resolution independent. Vector images have a specific artificiality to them because they are completely computer-generated. They’ll never look photo-realistic. However one can individually resize and retool specific shapes and components of vector images without destroying the image itself. This makes vector images very useful for graphic designers.

As you know that raster images are built out of pixels, and vector converted artwork is scalable and you can enlarge it to any length without losing quality. They have a very limited flexibility. If you are trying to enlarge a raster image to make it bigger than its actual size, or shrink it to make it small, you will notice that it pixilated on each action. It’s not possible to use a raster image for promotional campaigns. Need raster to vector conversion we can definitely do it for you.

Raster jpeg or bmp files are great when they are the right size. But when you need to enlarge an image or a raster images. You can’t scale very well without becoming distorted. lets you convert your images to vector with Karen’s Vector Conversion Services.

At Karen’s Digitizing, we acquire the most innovative artists; they are well skilled in all puzzlement of vector art. Our vector artists are capable to convert all your raster images into high resolution vector images. With sufficient industrial background and expertise in converting your artworks in form of JPEG, bitmap, GIF and other raster files into vector graphics, our vector art professionals can handle these reconstructions efficiently.

Our Vector art conversions services can be used to convert any artwork rather it is simple, advance or most complex raster, our vector artists can excellently convert all artworks to vector format like AI, EPS, CDR or PDF as per required format. Our high quality vector conversion can be use for printing on t-shirts, caps, signboards or any promotional material. They can easily resized by keeping the rectitude of the artwork perfectly.

A business logo represents your identification and plays a key role in corporate branding. Therefore, it is necessary to have a perfectly converted vector image before going to print to your stuff.

If you’ve been looking for a top quality raster to vector conversion services, your search ends here.

Wondering vector art conversion service with less than 24 hours turnaround time, place your orders with us now.

Our procedure of converting a raster image is actually its redrawing the image in a vector form. You cannot vectorize a complex image by uploading it in some online website software and get it done automatically within seconds. In fact, a professional vector artist works on it manually by drawing each element by hand using pen tool. Our department head Muhammad Hamid is a top quality vector artist. He is leading a team of graphic designers at Karen’s Digitizing. This is the main reason you are getting best vector quality in the first delivery.

We vectorize our designs on top rated software in graphics designing industry. Creating vector art on Adobe Illustrator and we are transforming Corel Draw CDR files on demand. This enables us to deliver our best vector art conversion services. These softwares are up to date with latest features. While redrawing the details of artworks, these softwares keep creating high quality vector illustrations. Our customers are getting the vector illustrations with the extra assistance. Need vector illustrations for your logo or any other artwork then feel free to contact us.

Vectorizing is the process of redraw a raster artwork into a scalable graphic which can be used in small or large sizes for high quality production for your garments. Marketing and advertisement agencies are looking for graphic designers to do vectorizing for them so they can use a bitmap images to convert into vector art. Vectorizing is useful when you transform in your vector ready design in any size you want and accomplish your customer’s requirements.

We have learned a lot time to time. Our experience vectorization team is now proving honor for our customers. Karen’s Digitizing setup a vectorization department in 2005. Today, we have best skilled team of vector graphic designers in the market. Our excellent vectorization services pickup acknowledgement from our customers daily. If you are looking for the best vectorization in a pocket friendly budget, get a free quote now.

An image is composed of numerous small rectangular or square elements called pixels. These pixels entail image details and together make up the raster image. But when we are considering use in promotional and branding material, vectors have no comparison with raster bitmap images. When a bitmap image or raster format like JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, it cannot be scalable for promotional stuff for printing and heat transfer purposes. When you are going to resize your raster image so that will be distorted, losing the graphic quality. Therefore, these images could be a blurry and jaggy view. That is obviously doesn’t look good.


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