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Applique Digitizing

Applique digitizing in a cool way to add personality and a unique style to embroidery. Unlike regular applique patterns, recreating applique designs in modern machine embroidery is now easy and simple. Given that the decorations are now easy to embroider, factors and conditions should still be taken into account. Like any applique embroidery technique, applique embroidery digitization is also the backbone of embroidery. Embroidery digitizer must be professional and have sufficient experience to understand the sewing requirements for applique fabricaion. That is why the workers Karen’s Digitizing appoint for this service are skilled and working in this field for years.

The embroidered abundance is applique, which makes applique digitization so important. Because there is a common belief that it is very simple, the mistakes that are common often overlooked. That is why most of the motifs or applique produced are of high quality. Most embroidery and digitization services do not take into account factors that distinguish a wonderful applique pattern from a regular pattern. To get high-quality custom applique digitizing, order for professional services today.

Major tips for applique techniques.

This process for embroidery begins once the image file is import to the embroidery digitizing software. If our team feel like the image is very small, they increase its size according to the size that you want us to embroider. After that, the time comes to follow this picture. Basically, there is an “applique tool” in the computer software for this job. The expert tracks the image by placing control points or nodes on the design outline.

Edit them after closing these nodes, by dragging and tuning them near the actual charts. While doing so, zoom in / out exactly so that the details are properly visible and edited.

Best digitizing – important stitches for applique.

A very important facet of the digitization process is placement lines sewing. The position line is represented by a stitch that draws the position where it will be placed. After sewing the placement line, the breakpoint is intentionally added to the machine. The purpose of this stop is to allow the fabric to place the embroidery inside the placing stitches.

After the stitches placement comes in place, inside them, the fabric is placed. The size and shape of this material should be as close as possible to the laying line. The fabric is then processed into fabric. The colour of these guide stitches remains different from the placement stitches. The reason for this is to create embroidery and allow the material to be applied.

After sewing and processing, the third important stitch in the decoration is the surrounding satin. Although stitch processing provides basic stability, these satin stitches are essentially decorative. The purpose of these stitches is to make the edges of the fabric bold and beautiful. You can even change it to blankets or themes for an aesthetic look.

Individual design elements in embroidery

Thanks to these basic stitches, it’s time to personalize the small details of your designs individually. For simple designs, it is enough to decorate the applique. However, for individual and small design elements, it is must to digitized them separately. Small factors like this, which mostly stay unnoticed, contribute to excellent results.

In the above case, the eye and the top of the bird are elements of the design that require this special treatment. First, zoom in / out the item to be numbered this way. Then track and edit the nodes to match the edges of the specified design element. Now seams are added to it. Usually, the closed area is stapled with a fill. Thanks to the different shapes and sizes of these design elements, almost every program has different tools available, which makes digitization easier.

Quality digitizing for large designs

Because we focus especially on contemporary themes, it is worth mentioning the types of themes that are currently very popular. Embroidered appliquesare now widely used for t-shirts, blouses and other sports clothing in general. Unlike traditional designs, these appliques easily cover more area. Therefore, some special moves are made to get surety that these projects are not eventually distorted. In addition, these types of fabrics are also part of the problem, which makes the process difficult.

The first thing is always digitization from the centre to the edge of the project. This ensures that if there are any wrinkles of tissue that are often present, they spread to the edges. Otherwise, the wrinkles will progress from the side and accumulate in the middle. It doesn’t look very nice.

Secondly, at the time dealing with bigappliques, the number in parts. This means first completing a small design element and then moving forward. An example of this is the large text that fills the front of the blues. If one or more characters are not placed, it is possible that the original alignment was distorted due to the texture being pulled and stretched. Certainly, individual processing and filling messages takes longer. However, this extra time and effort are necessary for perfect digitization of zine.

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Above are some tips for creating high-quality decorative digital files. Of course, they are not a substitute for practice and skill set. In fact, they exist to allow converters to easily produce high-quality results. For someone who has just started, it is never enough. But why would someone be deprived of this wonderful quality?

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