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It is not always easy as it may seem. Embroiders and digitizers face trouble at the time of doing cap embroidery digitizing. The only time mistake didn’t happen when they know what they are doing. We Karens digitizing are proud to say the workers we have for this purpose are very hard working. They know how to bring perfection in the work the client is demanding. So, when you contact us, there is no need for you to take any stress with regards to quality and perfection. 

For the client’s information, let us tell you that the caps are mainly of 2 types. 

Un structural caps 

Five irregular panels and covers do not stick to the basing position. It is because grip them is very easy and worker able to embroider it as a flat. The un structural cap has a slightly fluffy natural crown shape; buckram is not added to the crown. The material of unstructured hats changes further during the sewing process on the machine because there is no hard texture under it.

Structural caps

When digitizing Embroidery on structural hats, also known as the six panels, two principles of effective Embroidery must be followed. First, the design should start from under the cap, and secondly, it should start from the inside and move to the left and right of the design. Embroidery on hats made in this way is indicated by mediation. By following this sequence, you can reduce the drag and push effect. Embroidering on structured hats is easier than unstructured hats because the solid and supportive materials inside the structural cap help keep their shape.

One of the very important things about structured hats is that there is a line in the middle that causes the thread to fall into the middle seam. We can avoid this situation by digitizing the horizontal thread line on the seam, then placing a pattern on the seam that will not now fall into the seam. In this technique, it is important to centre the design. However, cleaning the seam is another important task.

The size of design on the cap

The sizes of hats some boundaries. The most commonly used size at the front of the cap is 2.5 inches and 5 inches high. The maximum size fit for caps is 2.75 inches by 5.5 inches wide. Overriding this will face some sewing problems. The maximum size on the back of the cover is 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches wide, while the text is in the form of an arc, then the digital text should be 0.5 inches by 4.25 inches wide. The logo or text can also be embroidered on the side of the hat. The size must not be larger than 1-inch x 2.5 inches wide. When placing an order to digitize the Embroidery on a hat, follow these instructions.

Similarly, visors also have some dimensional limitations. The workspace on the roofs is very small. The appropriate size for helmets is from 1 inch to 1.25 inches by 4 inches.

3D PUFF also is known as enhanced Embroidery

3D PUFF embroidery is a simple and unique technique that involves the use of foam under the digitization of Embroidery, which raises the pattern or letters and gives a three-dimensional impression. 3D foam gives your project a complete creative boost. This type of digital Embroidery on a hat is usually used on baseball caps, sports caps and the like. But not all creatives or characters can be raised in 3D. Very large or smaller patterns cannot be converted to PUFF; the same rules apply to letters. The cover stitch is used to cut the foam, which results in a high-density satin stitch. An important thing to remember is to always use the appropriate foam material for French Embroidery. Because the extra foam should be removed after sewing, and if the foam is strong or solid, it will be difficult to remove and damage the Embroidery.

Why we for the custom cap embroidery digitizing?

We keep track of the smallest details

The biggest mistake in commercial embroidering for hats is not to digitize the logo or designs, given the specific product. If you embroider on hats or hats with a flat profile like a shirt, you will face problems. Compensation for pushing and pulling the curved substrate differs from the flat frame. Our professional digital embroidery transformer can adjust drawing compensation data for round surfaces. Avoiding these errors can guarantee high quality and reduce the number of products needed for reproduction.

The exact position of design

At the time of embroidering the hat, the customer may request a low embroidery pattern next to the invoice. This is often noted when purchasing embroidered products from commercial kiosks. Customer may not understand why it is not appropriate to decorate very low designs on the cap.

The answer is simple. The Embroidery should be placed less on the cover next to the banknote instead;

Before folding the cap. Usually, welds appeared in the program with a flat plate. Professional embroidery experts usually deal with already made clothing pieces. The Embroidery is limited to placing the pattern at least half an inch from the front bow and the sides of the hat.

The other position may affect the quality of the hat, Embroidery, or both. Additionally, hitting a needle on a cap or frame may cause a malfunction.

Swap the needle in time.

There are no stone bases for exchanging needles on commercial embroidery machines. There are many factors, such as the number of hours the machine was used, the type of material used and the quality of the needles. It is a good idea to have the needle checked at least once a week and replace it if necessary. It is something we take care of at the time of working. 

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