Company Policy

Please be aware of yourself with Our Company policy before placing an order to Our Website or mobile applications.
Karen’s Digitizing provides you the top quality Embroidery Digitizing Services and Vector art Conversion Services subject to the following terms.

Copyright Policy:

Custom Embroidery Digitizing and Vector art Conversion, the files are digitized and converted to vector has an exclusively ownership rights of the customer. Every electronic file formats sent to customers can be used on any product and can be sold out to other customer if they also have rights to Embroidery and Printing purposes. The customer will be the sole owner of the file and will have full rights of Use transfer or any misuse of the brand We are not responsible of any matter. Karen’s Digitizing only converts the given artwork to an embroidery digitized file or vector artwork file and charges the fee for this service only. All jobs will be deleted from Our system within (90) working days after sending to the customer and will not be Our property We hold 90 days if you need any modifications after that if you need any edits then you need to redigitize or redraw accordingly to new instructions. Karen’s Digitizing will not Use or re-sell these files in any case to any other customer.

Refund Policy:

We are not currently offering refunds for Our services however edits are absolutely free of cost till the customer is fully satisfied with the required files after that We send invoice to the customers. Refund only applies if mistakenly We have been paid any additional amount in-case of typo human error. There is no grace period after being paid for digitizing and vector the files which means all sales are final however We will do the editing as needed all of files till the client is satisfied and most of the editing is done free of as per initial requirement if the design does not meets the initial requirements then We will charge according to new requirements. Please view Our price structure area for further information regarding editing. We provide 30 days free editing as a standard, We only guarantee the quality of the files and formats We provide.

Order Cancellation Policy

After placing an order to us, it goes to pre-production quality control. This process takes 60 to 90 minutes approximately to initiate your order request after that your artwork systematically sent to our production team. If you wish to cancel an order and not be charged, you must cancel it within 60 minutes after that your request of cancellation shall not be entertained, you will be responsible for the full payment will be charged.

Privacy Policy:

Karen’s Digitizing recognize the essential importance of data privacy for everyone that’s why We are always declare fair understanding into Our policies regarding the Use of customers and online visitors data if We got any by Website cookies or any other tool can be. At Karen’s Digitizing We endorse the value of customer’s right to privacy of your online shared information and data. Our policies are defined as per law on customer’s behalf.

We strongly recommend every related customer to read Our Company policy before Using Our Website, mobile apps and portal. Please Use the Website only if you agree with Our policies. We have simplified Company policy in easy wording for your assistance and We hope that everyone should accept this in a good manner.

  1. Justification of terms:

Our Company policy is easy to understand, We hereby, declared more brief explanations the terms that will be Used in the policy document.

  1. Website Cookie:

Cookies are created when you visit any Website. They are Used to store bits of information about your interactions with the Website, which the Web server can Use later when processing your sessions. To be technical, your browser is the program that mediates cookie control between your computer and the Website. Whether you’re browsing Google search results, logging into Facebook, or just innocently chatting away on an online forum, you’ve encountered cookies. They aren’t inherently harmful but, just like passwords or email addresses, they can be exploited when placed in the wrong hands. Keep reading to learn how you can protect yourself. Without cookies, Users’ cart would not be able to memorize the information whenever they click on a new link or product.  So in that case, without Using cookies, it would be unlikely to buy anything online smoothly.

  1. Cookie Law:

The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires Websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, Smartphone or tablet. The Directive gave individuals rights to refuse the Use of cookies that reduce their online privacy. You can consult the cookie law which falls under the Privacy and Electronic law 2003 for further information.

  1. Personal Data:

Personal data could be any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Different pieces of information, which collected together can lead to the identification of a particular person, also constitute personal data. This information is in sync with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.  – The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

“Company” /“Our” / “We”/ “Us”:

The term “Company” / “Our”/ “We” / “Us” is being Used for the Karen’s Digitizing in this document.

  1. About Us

5.1. Our Website is developed and maintained by Karen’s Digitizing official team.

5.2. Tim Nelson is Our Data Protection Officer and could be reached at – or you can write an email to – kindly you need to attention Tim Nelson in subject line.

5.3. Our dedicated team includes Web developers, mobile app development can be reached at the above mentioned emails.

5.4 We are not responsible for any profit and loss in any term. So please avoid financial matter.

  1. Our Privacy Policy Explained:

The Company’s privacy policy prepared and executes by Us and should be only applicable to your Use for Our Website.  However, Our Website may contain some external links to other Websites as Well, since We do not have any control over their Privacy Policy and how they retain data so it is suitable for you that you go through their policies regarding the Use of your personal data if you are going to visit external links and are you may have bothered about it.

  7. Your Rights:

By agreeing our terms and policies you may have the following rights according to the GDPR, which We are committed to comply:

7.1. You have right to get ease your personal data to be deleted because We reserve it in our database for a temporary period for orders handling individually. We hold your data for a limited period but if you want your personal data to be erased earlier, please let Us know via email at

7.2 You have right to have complete awareness about Our data collection and usage of your personal data.

7.3. You have right to approach any personal data which We reserve.

7.4. You have right to expostulate to Us regarding the Use of your personal data for described purpose.

7.5. You have right of amendment of your personal data We reserve if it needs a correction.

7.6. You have right to limit take care of your personal data anytime.

7.7. You have the right to collect a record of personal data whenever you need.

Every complaints and suggestions regarding Our usage of your personal data will be treated on high priority, please always let Us know at:

  1. The Data We collect:

When you are going to sign-up after accepting the terms and conditions, privacy policy that then We collect some of the following data.

8.1. Full Name

8.2. Email address one or more

8.3. Telephone Numbers

8.4. Company Name

8.5. Billing Address

8.6. Files includes Jpeg, Pdf, Bitmap, Png, but not limited to.

8.7. Location IP

8.8. PC or Mobile Mac address

8.9. Network Domain

8.10. Cache

8.11. Cookie

8.12. Payment processing via PayPal: We use PayPal as our online payment merchant; PayPal is very reliable and give a positive environment for payments processing hassle free please read PayPal policy here:

8.13. Payment processing via 2Checkout: We Also Use 2Checkout as Our “Reseller / Payment Processor”. 2Checkout processes payments of the orders you place on Us. You may find 2Checkout’s Privacy Statement at

Google Analytics: We Use Google Analytics that is use to track website activities such as session, bounce rate etc, Google Analytics analyzes how users use Our website. It also provides more advanced features, including custom visitor segmentation; it does however enable Us to make Our Website a better and more User friendly for you. You may find Google’s Privacy Statement at

  1. Use of your Data by Us:

Your personal data is stored with Our official compliance with dedicated responsibility. It is being kept temporarily for a limited time. We observe Our understanding and protect your rights as per GDPR accordingly.

We definitely assure that Our use of your personal data is always justifiable. It has been gather with your acquiesce and it is being used to make Our services to a next level for you. Your data could be used for the specifically following purposes:

9.1. We never store your data more than our requirement.

9.2. Without your permission and not abiding by the law, We might Use your personal data for digital marketing purposes via email broacher, ads campaigns but not limited to but in compliance with GDPR and would never result in spamming.

9.3. By evaluating your usage of Our website or mobile app we can be able to improve our services to give a flawless experience.

9.4. At the time of processing your order with Us.

9.5. When managing the access to Our website and mobile application.

9.6. Customizing your experience on Us.

9.7. In order to supply Our dedicated services to you.

9.8. When we respond to your emails

9.9. For the subscribed emailing list, incase your subscription is valid for digital marketing by Us.

9.10. At the time of payment we can collect personal information transactional based.   

 10. Use of your Data by Us: 10.

10.1. We are strictly bound to store your data as you are Our Business Partners; it is Our responsibility to taken care of your official data for long time.

10.2. We understand the crucial consequences of data security and privacy. Our website and mobile apps takes all the required measures to keep your data safe and sound to improve your experience.

10.03. We shall provide all data individually by initiating an email request. Your stored data is your property we can give you every time on demand.

 11. Data Sharing

11.1. In case, your data is required by the government or legal authorities like Law Court that involves legal proceedings. In these circumstances, We respectfully coordinate the authorities without any notice.

11.2. We may contact third parties to continue services on Our behalf. In any circumstances it may include Our legal sister concerns companies, Our merchants for payment processing, search engine facilities, branding, advertising and marketing agencies.

11.3. These third parties could have access to some or all of your data. We assure the safety of your data and privacy during all this process. In case of transfer of hands, you will not be informed in advance about the change.

 12. Your control on your data:

We give you full access to control your data by setting up or restricting it to use in Our direct marketing campaigns. You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails anytime.

 13. You can withhold your Data:

You can visit Our website and mobile apps without providing any information at all. But in order to use the specific parts our sops needs some important data for our understanding and you need to provide certain required information such as your name and contact details. You can change time to time.

 14. How can you access your Data? :

According to GDPR, It is your right to ask for a copy of your data stored by Us after clearing all outstanding bills, We are obliged to provide you with a free copy of your data so Just write an email at

 15. Our Use of Cookies:

15.1 We can analyze your data how visitors use Our website and mobile apps this will help us to improve the consummations of Our servers.

15.2 All material We gather is unidentified and cannot be Used to differentiate your identity directly.

15.3 When Cookies are placed on your device, a pop-up will be requested about your permission for setting up Cookies accordingly. After accepting then system will automatically analyze the Cookies that you are allowing Us to provide you with best possible User experience on Our Website and mobile applications.

15.4 You can also find the options to enable or disable Cookies in your browser anytime. For more details you may check the help menu in your web browser.

15.5 We can track your every session on Our website or mobile apps so that whenever you visit Us it can retrieve data that is specific to you. This allows you to login to Our website, and application quickly.

 16. Change or Ownership in case of business changing hands:

16.1 If We go through for a merger or the process of sale and transfer, the new hands shall be taken over to access to the parts of your data which are relevant to the business.

16.2 The new hands also shall be under the obligation of law to Use Our data for the principle objective that was originally possessed.

“Karen’s Digitizing” Policy is copyright protected for Unauthorized copying; Further allocation and assessment of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. It’s a violation of law under the Federal Copyright Act. Cost for copyright violation includes civil and criminal penalties including custody of up to five years and fines of $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed. Infringer pays the actual dollar amount of damages and profits