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If you are looking for the service of custom hat embroidery digitizing and want a free quote for that too, then it is better to get in touch with Karen Digitizing. As digitizing that enhance your brand and make your hats look better. As all hats look quite similar, so everyone wants to put some twist in it, so it looks different from others in the display. Also, pay a proper role in advertising their brand. It is where digitizing plays an important role. Take a simple example of CK; it is a brand whose hats are loved by many. Whether they look simple, it is the logo that makes it worthy. So, if you are looking for some classy ideas, then better contact, as we will surely give you suggestions that will benefit you a lot. 

Make your designs easy to embroider

Or rather, how to design a great embroidered hat. There are many who try to use similar designs again and again. It is a big mistake. The design they choose for the T-shirt, they choose the same design for the hat. This can be a fatal mistake, according to the design. 

Embroidery is a completely different thing as compared to direct printing on clothes. For this reason, for a successful design, it requires a completely different approach. Here are some key elements to keep in mind when designing custom hat embroidery designs.

Just go

A simple design can have an amazing effect. Simple patterns are easy to embroider and finished with beautiful and narrow stripes. For example, the basic design may look minimalist with striking white streaks compared to a black cap.

It’s best to avoid small and detailed designs because they are hard to embroider. The minimum thickness for flat embroidery, of shapes is 0.05 ″ and the maximum thickness of 0.5 ″. For 3D puffs, 0.2 is minimum thickness ″, and 0.5 is the maximum thickness″. There should also be a gap of at least 0.5 ″ between many 3D objects.

Our mockup generator includes a text tool that allows you to create flat text embroidery designs directly on the generator. You can choose from over 25 fonts, and the generator will notify you if the fonts in your project are very small. Master, who will be charged? Wear bold, simple patterns with thick lines.

Pick limited colors for the design 

At the time of developing embroidery patterns, remember that the number of yarn colors used will affect the appearance of the hat. If you decide to use many colors, make sure they have enough details to sew them nicely. 

Remember that there is a limit to the number of page colors you can use. We offer 15 different colors, but for each type of embroidery, you can choose six colors of threads for the design.

Choose the embroidery type

3D Puff embroidery occurs when clear embroidery threads are visible. For every embroidery, the price is different. The price also varies according to the complexity of the design. 

Flat embroidery occurs when the thread is flat on the hat. You can see the pictures of it online; if you want us to show an example, we will do it for you.

However, partial 3D puff occurs when a combination of flat and three-dimensional puff is used on one hat.

Stick to symmetry

The design looks great when there is a balance in it. The general rule is to focus the design on the bottom center and from there to extend from it. Centering the design is necessary because most people don’t want to look crooked when wearing caps.

Immerse yourself in the side embroidery

For an extremely polished look, on one side of the cap, it is better if you add the logo of your brand. Mainly, there are many who prefer to add a logo, as mention previously. Initials or anything else that is small can easily fit in the side space. You can use flat embroidery on the sides, without the 3D puff.

It is available on both sides of the cover or on one side only. You can also skip the front embroidery completely and cover the design with side embroidery. If you need our service and need to know about the price you can contact us, we will tell you everything in detail. According to that, it will become easier for you to decide which is most suitable for you. If you feel like the prices are high or out of your budget, you discuss it with us; we will surely find a way for you.  

Create an embroidery file

Embroidery machines with designs completely different than printing machines. That is the reason, creating a file for embroidery is completely opposite the system.

Don’t forget about digitization

Before embroidering, we must convert the file to a format that our embroidery machines can read. This process is called digitization.

But there is one thing you have to keep in mind that for every style of embroidery, a different file is required. For example, you give us to design for 3D puffing, but later, you want a similar pattern for flat embroidery, then we will have to digitize it again. It is when the price will change too. 

Get to know your embroidery region

You cannot choose any size design and size for your hat, as it all depends on the area that is chosen by you on the hat. So, make sure you know what you are doing; if you need our assistance, we will help you happily. 

Get in touch with us!

It is not the only service we give to our clients. We provide embroidery services for other products too. To get to know about them, you can visit our website, as all the details are given there. If you find it hard, then it is better you call us. Our customer care staff is always present for your help, as our service is available for you seven days a week. So, don’t hesitate and quality embroidery digitizing services from us today.