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If you are looking for good digitize embroidery software and fail to get one, then don’t stress out because Karen digitizing is here to help you out. The software we use for your service is the best, and the team that works on it is professional. Before hiring a person, we train them until they learn everything.Firstly, we provide them with a good computer in which the software is installed. Once the installation is done, we make sure that they use it and do practice on a regular basis. Otherwise they unable to learn it inless time. We make sure that they figure out about the buttons that are in it. The good part about this software is that it comes with instructions manual. It teaches them all the basics of the software. 

Once the setup is done, and they learn basics a time comes that they start working on some designs. Because they are beginner, we suggest that it is better if they pick easy designs. We did it, so they didn’t get freak in a start and think about leaving their passion as it is known by everyone that it is not easy to learn anything within a day. To become an expert mainly in digitizing for embroidery, hard work is required. So,we make them use your time in a perfect manner and progress slowly but gradually.

Once the design is made by them,we ask them to test it on an embroidery machine. The outcome of the design on fabric will tell them which are the areas they need to get better. We make sure that they don’t lose hope at once and keep on working hard as we are sure that within a few days,they will see a good result. There are some designs that even confused experts, so we adviseall our beginners don’t try to climb a stair at ones. Clear one step at a time, and gradually they become the part of embroidery digitizingteam.

Is it important to be an artist to become a digitizer?

There is no doubt that the people who have an artistic mind can work better in this field. As they always have new ideas that are liked by the clients. But still, it is not important to have an artist to become an embroidery digitizer service provider. Because it is not important that you make a new design every time, you can use old designs and modify them into something different. There are some basic rules that you have to follow according to the situation and make a decision about what is about to come. As in our company, we have several digitizers who didn’t go to art school at all, but their skills are commendable. So, don’t worry if you are one of them.

How ourdigitizing service for embroiderybenefit your business?

Embroidery business is a competitive environment that attracts more customers, and the key to success in your business is to provide the latest technology to make your business successful.Digitize embroidery services allows embroidery companies to expand their possibilities and provide the best results to increase customer satisfaction.Here are four digital benefits for your embroidery business when you take service from us:

With the help of it you able to attract more customers

In the competitive embroidery business, customers are always looking for the latest and best embroidery techniques to advertise their logos on garments such as uniforms, hats or jackets. This increases awareness of your business. Digitization can help you provide the highest quality embroidery that looks exactly the kind of Logo your customers want you to represent. So, you can find businesses in this lucrative niche. Digital embroidery designs help create embroidery for a variety of fabrics, allowing you to expand prospects.

To have a satisfied client, it helps you a lot

The Professional Embroidery digitizer understands the variety of design and fabrics and creates the best digital designs that seamlessly stitch into the final product. No matter how complex, you can accurately recreate any design provided by the customer. With digitization, you can reproduce an infinitely varied design with very high fidelity, as the new technology eliminates the problem of the old embroidery process. Scanning software helps designers create digital images, with complete control over the complexity, colour and finish of embroidery. The end result is that customers are satisfied with their work, leading to repeat orders and word-of-mouth suggestions.

You can finish the order of the client quickly

The software can help you create digital images quickly. In fact, most embroidery digitizing companies offer very fast turn times. When you process multiple orders at the same time, quick digitization helps you process orders quickly and deliver finished products to customers within a committed delivery schedule.

Why opt us for your service?

·         The services we offer to our clients are available at affordable rates. The charges start from minimum 1$. Even if you have the slightest doubt compare the price with any other company. For sure you will come back to us.

·         Our track record is very good. All the clients who take service from us are happy. There is no need to trust us; you can check their feedback.

·         Once the client contacts us, it becomes our utmost priority to serve them the best; there is no way that we compromise on quality.

·         The design you tell us, we make sure to copy it in a perfect manner. Even we offer our help to the client to make designs better, as we use the latest software.

·         Once you give us an order, we make sure to finish it on time. As we know, the delay is something that upsets the client.


·         The services of ours are available for you 24/7. Call us anytime for the booking of your order. Our staff will respond to you quickly. If you have any question, you can ask that too.