How to get rid of dull embroidery designs easily?

Embroidery is really an art, and you have to be very careful during the design process—those who do this job, practice design, and become experts after years of experience. But you need one more thing to make all your efforts worthwhile, and that’s happened through creativity. Yes, you heard, right! Without creativity, you only create designs. It can also be done by the beginner, but you need to be creative in your design to stand out.

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Why is creativity needed in this process?

As is said, embroidery is an art. To make your design attractive, you have to be creative. The creative element of your design will help you stand out from the crowd. This way, you can create your own identity and your own unique design. Now, most of you will be wondering how to add a creative element to the design. The answer is that you need to change the stitch type, density, and direction to make your embroidery interesting.

Stitch type, density, and direction are some of the tools that are available for the embroidery digitizer. Creating a boring or attractive design depends on the person. You have all the tools; now you have to think out of the box to find an elegant and attractive design. To make your design creative and elegant at the same time, you need to use the scanning tools correctly.

Are you confused about the tools and things to focus on? Here is the distribution of the tools and elements you need for great design:

Fill stitch

This is one of the main types of embroidery. This type of point is used to fill large areas where you technically cannot use other types of points. Think of one thing: if you don’t use the fill point regardless of direction or density, you will get a very matte appearance. You have to use it properly because the fill points are very rich and beautiful. This point gives your design a clear outline and appearance. To play and create your creative design, you need to use different colors, directions, and density in a balanced ratio. If you are successful, you bring attractiveness into a boring design.

Satin stitches

This type of stitch is used for many reasons. The main function of this stitch is to provide depth, edges, and details. If you want to add these three features to your design, you should use satin dots. The dots separate the filled areas and create an explosion of depth and color in your design piece. For example, if you want to create a rounded 3D effect, you should use the satin dot.

Walk stitch

This is used for fine details as well as the underlay functions and the movement of the machine. However, what differentiates the expert from the beginner is the use of manual walking points to achieve the depth of detail. If you want to achieve black shading in your design, this is only achieved through manual walking points. In addition, it is possible to implement this construction via the filling point, but there is a barrier. The thin layer of detail that you get through the market point is not the same in terms of the quality that gets through the fill point.

This is the information about the type of stitch that will help you achieve the desired result according to your needs. Now let’s take a look at the two important elements that help us to creatively design our embroidery.

Stitch density

There are several reasons for using this element. Before we go ahead and discuss the footnote note at the end of the following:

·         If the distance between the points is larger, the density is low.

·         When the dots are close together, the density is higher.

You should consider this information as this is important during the overlay process for mixing colors. If all of the layers in a color mix were of high density, putting one color in another color would look like stacking playing cards. It will be a solid layer on top of another. If you decrease the density, the points of different levels between them will also appear. This state leads to the illusion of a mixture of colors. You can use this technique to highlight any color in your design.

Stitch direction

There are several reasons for using this element. If you want to create the illusion of a mixed thread, fill the stitch with all other stitches that run in the same direction. The direction of the point will surely add dimension. If you want to take one piece out of another, you need to run the stitch in the opposite direction. This exercise will help you separate things.

Digitization is a combination of art and science. The use of tools has a major impact on the end product of your project. You need to use the tool carefully to achieve the desired result. In addition, you should be aware of the density and direction to make your design attractive and creative at the same time. You need a perfect balance of everything to make your design stand out from the competition.

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