What’s the importance of logo embroidery? | Karens Digitizing

When someone is running a business, they want to have a logo on their apparel. For that, the logo embroidery through embroidery digitizing is the best solution. You can get this service from Karens’ digitizing. We offer these services on charges that are very affordable. We mostly charge 1$ for 1000 stitches. Other than the price depends on the package that you take from us. We have all the resources that allow us to handle a big process easily.

Get custom embroidery logo design

There are times when we come across clients who want a unique logo for their apparel, but they unable to customize one of them. For this purpose, we also help our clients. We have so many different software’s that allow us to create unique designs. You just have to tell us something about your brand, and we will make a logo for you according to that. If you want us to make some changes, you can say about it freely. We will make changes to you accordingly.

But if you have something in your mind and want us to give some guidelines, so we can work according to that then go on. For us, this task is easy because we are in this industry for quite some time now. Once we hear your guidelines, we get an idea of whether the idea will work or not.

The size of a logo

  • Embroidery:

The general guidelines we give are 3 to 3.75 ” for an embroidered shirt. If the logo is square, 1.5 to 2″ on one side and 2 to 2.5″ in diameter, the circular logo. For the caps, 2.25 “high and 4” wide is the size limit. Back logos, but we only recommend our client to put them on the specific fabric, up to 11 “x11”.
Usually, the limiting factor for logo size is small letters or a small part of the artwork. Don’t worry about sending us a bigger sign than these guidelines: bigger is better for digitization. Sending a smaller one can be a problem because we need to extend it to digitize it. If we think there’s something to change, we’ll let you know.

  • Heat transfer:

Left chest: up to 4.5″ x4. 5”, but the embroidery size is recommended here is real. For a full-size Young logo on the back or front, up to 10″ x10″. For adult’s full back or full front logo, Up to 12 “wide, 14” high.
Mixed colours:

  • Logo Embroidery:

Many logos that are designed professionally have mixed colors or a transition from one color to another. This may look great on paper, but it is hard to achieve in the small logo. While printing just adjusts the dots of ink on the page or the pixels on the computer monitor, the embroidery must try to achieve this with line segments. It is difficult to embroider a good mix of colors, mainly in a digital logo that is very small.

  • Heat transfer:

If the blending of the logo is hard for you, then heat transfer is the way forward. We can mix colors in a better way in big logos. We can even heat transfer on twill fabrics and even trim with embroidery to get a beautiful product. Large logos such as the one that is get printed on the back of the jacket may look better after embroidery, but embroidery does not repeat the appearance that can be achieved on paper or on a computer screen. So, as a professional, it is our advice for you that avoid using mixed colors if there is no need for them.

  • Materials for embroidery

It is important for us to get to know which material you are selecting. For example, T-shirts are designed with fewer stitches because the fabric is not as heavy as denim and does not contain as many stitches at all. If we embroider polyester wool, the type of Stitch will be different from other materials. Wool has a “loft,” which means that it is relatively thick and elastic. If we do not use the appropriate underlying seams to “crush” the wool that will place the satin needle, the stitches on the elastic wool may be “lost” and cannot be seen. This can cause the wool pieces to peek through the seams. That is, for the most part, we can use the logo on many different types of fabrics, but it looks better when we know in advance which fabrics and items we should embroider and when we digitize the logo accordingly.

Customer requirements
At Karen Digitizing, we must establish a good working relationship with you. As an equal partner for your business trip, we not only work hard to match your needs but try to exceed. To do this, we meet with you and try to understand everything.
This process is online for your convenience. You can share your specifications on our website by addressing different factors, such as whether you are a new or an existing customer. There is an option to indicate if you need to place an order on an urgent basis or if you are just requesting for a quote. Preferences should be sent for the machine file format. Details about the size, fabric type, number of colors, and logo image loading will complete this step.

Quality assurance for the satisfaction of the client

Once the embroidery digitizing process becomes machine format, our team members will conduct a thorough review and verify the details. After that, we send the file to the client for approval. If you want to test the design, you can do it by running on your machine or in someone’s else machine. After that, if you want to edit it, tell us, we will make changes for you until you find it perfect. The garments you choose for the brand are placed on the hoop of the embroidery machine. And your product is ready to interact with your dearest consumers!

Sharing branded clothing and promotional items is a great point of contact for consumers as people love to have free giveaways. It is something that is perfect for your brand, as you are able to do free marketing.

Who doesn’t love free advertising? So, call us or visit our website to request a quote and see what the best way to meet your demands is. We assure you that our cheap digitizing services will amaze you.