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Karen’s Digitizing is one of the top companies to offer embroidery designs to the valuable customers at affordable rates. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality professional stock embroidery designs. Our online store is open 24 hours a day and you can download your design order immediately, so you can finish the project at any time of the day! We will provide you free quotes as well. Our digitizing department is managed by our talented workers, who have experience in embroidery and digitization. It is thanks to this experience that we can keep our heads high and know that every embroidery design takes into account all aspects, including Stitch strength, availability and longevity. 

Why you need Custom Embroidery Designs?

In all the different techniques used for branded clothing, the two most preferred methods is embroidery and screen printing. Customers often ask us about this, so we explain the pros and cons of each. Today, technology has become more advanced and is carried out mechanically in people. Robotic machines can be sewn with unprecedented speed and precision and get beautifully crafted result.

  • Embroider with thread embroider your design directly on the fabric, using thread to create patches, which can then be sewn into garments and / or accessories.
  • Embroidery is preferred by corporate companies and small businesses alike, as it looks more professional in aprons, tunics, suits and casual clothing. 
  • Embroidery can also be done in bags, towels, robes, dress shirts, blazers and many other items.
  • Embroidery can be placed on a variety of materials.
  • In addition, many companies charge a configuration fee called scanning. This process is basically converting an image into a file that the robot can mechanically read, usually for just a one-time fee. This explains why small orders are much more expensive than large orders per item.
  • Embroidery remains one of the best methods of decorating logo costumes for many reasons. Embroidery is the art of sewing your designs into a shirt using our high-tech computerized embroidery machine. Surface treatment is smooth and professional, wearable and durable.

Here are some reasons why embroidery is important:

It is unique:

The custom embroidery design always depends on you, you as a customer have full control over the design you want, the embroidery is very flexible and can be made in polo, hats, pants, etc. The result of the embroidery design is consistent, from piece to piece; resulting in the project is a high quality project with a high perceived value.

Perfect for advertisement:

Embroidered shirts are essentially a walking advertisement. Custom embroidered shirts are an excellent way to get your company name. Instead of your employees wearing a solid-color button-down shirt or a plain polo shirt, just consider making a statement that your logo is embroidered on the front of the shirt. All employees wearing the same embroidered polo sent a message that they were all together and needed to work together.

With the ability to embroider almost anything on your clothes, you have the opportunity to have your brand identifiable through the embroidery logo and the company name to the garment. By linking your uniform to your brand, you can create a focal point that is recognizable and professional.

Many high-end brands choose to embroider their logo on their clothes. Think of Lyle and Scott Hawks. Embroidery logos like these are synonyms of quality and luxury and can give the right impression to those who see their uniform.

Durability and best quality:

The high quality  embroidery design is very wear-resistant and is designed for a lot of washing at high temperatures, the color will not fade. It is more common for a shirt to wear before an embroidered image. The design will not be destroyed by ordinary wear, because the suture is durable and resistant to wear.

Well made embroidery design is always of good quality gives a good impression. It gives you the professional look you need for your work uniforms, team shirts, school uniforms, etc. It also exudes the perception that it is of high value and has been carefully designed. The lines used are bright and really help the colors stand out and attract people’s attention.

By embroidering your company logo or message on the garment, you can be sure that the highest quality is provided for your design. Printed designs are likely to crack and be heard after a certain amount of wear, but you can rest assured that your embroidery designs will remain intact.

Provides a professional touch

If you are designing a clothing project to be used as a work uniform, it is vital that the end result looks professional. Uniforms are used to create an impact on customers, so make sure you convey the right message through your uniform. That is why any design placed on garments should be of good quality. The embroidery gives an additional professional touch and cannot be achieved with printing. With a more luxurious look, you send the right message in your uniform.

Why choose Karen’s Digitizing?

We constantly add designs to our collections, which cover many themes and have designs available that can only be achieved from a long history embedded in the embroidery industry and probably have the diversity you are looking for. In addition, we offer designs in embroidery design kits for those looking for design themes as well as embroidery fonts and letters. If you don’t find what you are looking for in our common Embroidery Designs, please let us know what you are looking for with your suggestions!

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